Providing Superior Medical and Healthcare Solutions

At Great Medical Care, we’re committed to saving and improving people’s lives by providing superior high-performance medical and healthcare solutions in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We Employ the Latest Medical Research Technology

We are a team of experts in the field of solutions within cardiology, vascular, radiology, and nuclear medicine. With years of experience and a dedication to staying current with the latest technology and research, we are committed to providing the highest level of care for our clients. Whether you’re in need of medical equipment or supplies, our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve optimal outcomes.

“We provide the best medical equipment and supplies with knowledge, expertise, and cutting-edge technology for the benefit of our clients who work in the medical industry.”

Said Osman & Saeed Mansour

Founders, Great Medical Care

Our Expertise

Equipment Trading Operations

Using smart solutions to provide better healthcare.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Specific solutions within the area of cardiology and vascular.

Medical Asset Management

Services and efficient medical utilizations.


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